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My business is on Xero... why isn't yours?

Online accounting... anywhere... anytime... on any device. You can do your business accounting from home, at your favourite cafe, on a sunny beach or in the car between call outs.

I have been a Xero certified adviser since 2011. I love working with Xero. You will too.

It is easy and simple to use and understand.

As a professional accountant I will help you:

  • Convert your existing accounting systems to Xero
  • If you only use spreadsheets or books, I can create your system for you
  • I can set up and customise your Xero accounting system specifically for you
  • I can Provide training and guidance on how to use Xero
  • I can give you some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Xero
  • I can get all the information you need, when you need it
  • I can help you get paid faster

As your Xero Financial Adviser I have the ability to offer additional benefits to you, including a discount on the usual monthly fee.

Not just that, Not For Profit organisations automatically receive a 25% discount on the usual monthly fee.

And also for free, you get the wow factor... that feeling you get when you see how easy Xero is to use, the power of the system, and how it empowers you.

Don't get tied down spending all your time on your books... Xero gives you more time for you and your business!

Give me a call, I am sure I can help you and your business.